Will Swartz

Will Swartz lives in Canton, MI with his wife, Kate, in a riverside Cape Cod house, where River Deer and other wildlife regularly stop by to distract him as he writes. They have five children (none of whom is a wild child burden on society or living in their basement) and four grandchildren. Will has worked as a teacher, coach, librarian, school administrator, trainer, and salesman. He is a pathological storyteller and makes stuff up all the time. Will is currently the Creative Projects Director for Will Swartz Enterprises, LLC. He made up the title so he would no longer be retired and could have a job that described what he loves doing. His main duties are thinking up cool stuff to do next, keeping the wastebaskets on all three floors of the estate empty, and guarding his antique porcelain door knob collection. You can connect with Will at: WillSwartz.com.