Travel Books Booklog

A Walk Across Michigan Travel Books are special books on a mission! They are on a journey to connect with readers, to share a few hours vicariously hiking the trail together and to celebrate the community of our little band of adventurers.

They are books given away at special events* with only one condition–they can’t be kept by the person they were given to. After reading the book, the reader records the details of the book’s journey in the Traveling Books Booklog and then is instructed to give it away.

Each numbered book is tracked in this special Traveling Books Booklog so that the community of each book can see a little bit about where their book has traveled.

If you have been given a Travel Book and would like to record it on this page, click the blue button below. You will be taken to the form to add your details. NOTE: It may take up to 48 hrs. for your entry to be added to the record below!

*(Book signings, speaking engagements, book clubs, special launches and promotions, etc. –contact Will if you have an event in mind)

Traveling Book Records

Check Out Where Your Traveling Book Has Been 60-69 Male, Female 12/15/2015 20:24:44 Travel Book 1 Will & Kate Swartz Canton, MI USA Kate & I were hiking across the state of Michigan on the Shore-to-Shore Riding and Hiking Trail when we realized that there was very little written about this beautiful trail. The number one thing on my Bucket List after retiring was to write a book. Always Go For The Gusto! Thanks so much for being a part of this merry adventure! We look forward to meeting you on the trail! 50-59 Female 3/22/2016 11:25:03 Travel Book 2 Beverly Edmonds Michigan USA Thru my friends, Will the hiker and Kathe the sherpa. I lead a boring life! This book will make you do many things: it will make you smile, it will make you feel happy, it will make you want to hike the shore-to-shore, it will make you want to write a book, it will make you want to know Will & Kathe, and it will make you want to “go for the gusto”!

Share the enjoyment. 35-49 Female 12/16/2015 12:47:47 Travel Book 4 Michele Arble Redford, MI USA The Wormie Book Club of course! I learned about the ice houses and industry and some great places to eat! Great job Will! Can’t wait to read of your next adventure! 60-69 Female 2/24/2016 19:40:22 Travel Book 7 Joyce Brooks Westland, MI USA I knew Bill and Kathe through work, and just had to read the book when I found out he had written it. Our Bookworms book club read it, discussed it with the author, and loved, loved, loved it. The written word enriches me Even if I never walk across Michigan, I’ve had a taste of it with this book. I’ve been inspired to “go for the gusto”, wherever it may take me. 60-69 Female 1/22/2016 10:15:58 Travel Book 8 Yvonne Westland MI USA The book came highly recommended by my friend Beverly. After our book club read it, we got to have a Q & A with the author! A “sole”-searching tale with heart This is an honest-to-goodness guide for walking the Shore to Shore trail. It is interspersed with many humorous anecdotes. A fun read and physical challenge all in one! 50-59 Female 1/6/2016 13:16:55 Travel Book 9 Jean Rider Between home and work (Belleville/Westland, MI) USA I heard through Kate that her husband had written a book! Our Book Club (the Wormies!) made it our next read! Loved it, so ordered a bunch for my family! Loved living vicariously through Will! Had a great time on the trip and am looking forward to more of Will’s adventures! My husband is now reading it and wants to walk the trail. He said to me, “Will’s wife set up camp, then walked back to meet him… you could do that for me!” Gee, thanks, Sherpa Kate!!! 😉 70-79 Female 2/22/2016 11:35:08 Travel Book 19 Shirleen Curtis Westland, Mich. USA I was at a church luncheon and Will was giving away one book from each table. I went up to buy one and there was an empty table. I asked if I could have the numbered book off that table. I even said I would pay for it. Will was generous enough to let me purchase it so I could follow along here. A great adventure to enjoy Not quite finished with the reading, but enjoying every step that is taken. I’m anxious for my son’s to read this when I’m finished. Part of the trail is near our place up north and I think they will really enjoy the journey. 60-69 Female 6/21/2016 8:36:25 Travel Book 33 Red Fox Plymouth MIchigan USA Plymouth Library hosted Will Swartz for his “Tales From the Trail”. I won the book in the drawing… and promise to pass it on. I’m hiking through the book for “the other”. In chapter 11 now. It’s how you respond to what life hands you that counts. Take time to:
Lay in the fresh green grass or on the warm sandy beach or in the puffy fresh snow or on the crisp fall leaves and look for the faces in the clouds.