A Walk Across Michigan

Virtually hike the Michigan Shore To Shore Riding And Hiking Trail with author Will Swartz.
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Start the adventure and ...
  • Go on a virtual hike of the STS without the smoke in your eyes, sleeping on the ground, bugs, or stinky body parts normally associated with hiking.
  • Take historical detours and learn about Michigan's past so you have something to share at the next family reunion.
  • Discover a mini Appalachian Trail you can through-hike without spending 6 months of your life.
  • Get inspired to go on a hike of your own---or get started on that adventure you've been thinking about.
  • Sign in to online Virtual Trail Registers and record your own progress on the STS and join the growing community of virtual hikers.
  • Enjoy the journey and have some fun!
 5.0 out of 5 stars - Never thought hiking would be fun, but Will Swartz makes it interesting and appealing

It's not too long, just great for an airplane ride or couple of days on the beach. Simply packed with interesting information about Michigan, the STS Hiking Trail and all the places along the Trail. When the author introduced an interesting story, there was information for me to followup and learn more. I was sorry when it came to an end and it gave me the desire to tackle a hike of my own.
Jim Smith
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